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6 steps to win high yield investment programms

6 steps to win on High Yield Investment Programs (HYIP)

What is HYIP?
HYIP stands for High Yield Investment Program. As the name implies it is high Return of investment. But wait! this type of investments does not last for long...

I entered HYIP world on year 2002 and that year there are hundreds of programs available. Like most of HYIP investors, High ROI attracted me to this business. On my first year I invested nearly $1,200 on three programs and guess what I lost it all, Yes I have been SCAM!

But instead of backing down, I stand-up and play with them. Here are some tips that can help you avoid SCAMs.

1. Be ready to lose. Only invest money you are willing to lose. Remember investing of this type of programs is almost same as gambling.

2. Do not invest on programs that are not listed on premier HYIP review and ratings sites. This owner of these review site are also investors and they dont want lose money either. Here are some of these sites:

Create a short list of programs you have chosen from these sites (I prefer top 10 programs).

3. After you have shortlisted the HYIP programs, choose at most three (3) programs from shortlisted that already working and paying for at least 3 months but lesser than 2 years (acceptable life span of HYIP is up to 2 years).

4. Diversify your money to your final selected programs. You can do the following:

Total Investment - 300$

Program,Investment,Compounded (%)

Do not compound all you investment because it's to risky. I recommend that one of your program should be 0% compunded and

deposited directly to your e-gold account

5. Monitor. Monitor. Monitor --- Visit the review sites if possible everyday to check the statuses of your HYIP. If one of your HYIP website had been down for 3- 5 time in one month start pulling out your principal from this program.

6. Last Step, Study and Learn. Read investment articles that can help you increase your understanding on internet investments. Here is a great resource:

Get Paid Programs Review & Ratings - Your One stop making money directory

By following this 6 steps you can win and beat HYIP scams! Happy Investing!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Secrets of the Pros: How do they do it?

Achieving success in online investment requires developing Habits and Attitudes that brings a mindset to fully exploit the benefits of HYIPs. This Mindset is the most decisive factor to turn Your Dreams into reality and accomplish incredible success in HYIPs arena.

Here are 11 Secrets HYIP Pros use to succeed in HYIPs:

1. HYIP Pros are Committed to learn the Hard Staff

Most HYIP investors lose their hard earned money badly. Why? Because most of them lack knowledge and experience on how to deal in HYIPs arena. In other words they do not have knowledge on how to choose a particular HYIP for investment, how to manage their investment, what strategies and techniques to use, etc. They learn their lessons the hard way: they lose a lot of money first by investing how they shouldn't, and then they try to learn what they needed to know in the first place. HYIP pros are different. They learn first how to do all the hard things. They learn all about HYIP strategies and techniques. They set goals, make daily and weekly plans and measure their progress. They do not waste their time wondering around sites unless they have hard evidence that these sites will bring them success.

2. HYIP Pros work a Plan

Successful HYIP Pros have simple working model: they replicate their success. They know what strategies to use; they consistently work with these techniques and strategies. And more important, HYIP pros follow a schedule. Organization, Tacking returns and daily HYIP management are a way of their daily activities in HYIPs arena.

3. HYIP Pros Set Goals & Limits

Goal setting is a very powerful technique that can yield strong returns in all areas of your life. At its simplest level the process of setting goals and targets allows you to choose where you want to go in life. By knowing precisely what you want to achieve, you know what you have to concentrate on and improve.
HYIP Pros set sharp, clearly defined goals so that they will be able to achieve more and improve their performance. By setting goals, and measuring their achievement, they are able to see what they have done and what they are capable of. The process of achieving goals and seeing their achievement gives them the confidence and self-belief that they will be able to achieve higher and more difficult goals. HYIP Pros have a clear sense of purpose and direction in every area of their investment in HYIPs.

4. HYIP Pros take strong Measures to protect their Account Safe

HYIP Pros work hard to generate money at the same time they work hard to keep their money safe. They know how to deal online .HYIP Pros know that protecting accounts related to HYIPs activities are important. As a result they are always keen to take measures that protect their accounts safe.
They Use anti-virus software, a firewall, and anti-spyware software to help keep their computer safe and secure. They always set up their operating system and Web browser software properly, and update them regularly. HYIP Pros Use strong passwords or strong authentication technology to help protect their personal information. They wisely Use e-mail against fraudulent “phishing” emails and attachments which are often used to trick people into giving up personal information

5. HYIP Pros Make Research

HYIP pros obtain and analyze as much information as possible before making any investment decisions. They do not invest unless they have hard evidence that these sites will bring them profit. They verify the validity of a particular program’s real investment opportunities: They check the “WHOIS DATA” so that they will be able to get the detailed information about a particular business. In addition, HYIP Pros verify particular HYIPs trading history and qualification. They make the optimal research before investing their money.

6. HYIP Pros Diversify their Portfolio

HYIP Pros know that High Yield Investment Programs always carries a calculated risk. They are always working hard to minimize excessive risk imposed by HYIPs. They know, Diversification is technique to manage their investment. They spread their portfolio over different programs. HYIP pros also know how to distribute their investment over each program. They spread their investment proportional to the credibility of each program. They do not over invest. They focus on overall plan of their investment.

7. HYIP Pros Get Their Principal Back Quickly

One of the greatest problems in HYIPs arena is that it is impossible to predict the life span of a particular HYIP. Thus, it is important to take some mechanism to make your investment safe. One way of doing this is to properly use different compounding options. HYIP Pros Know how to Compound for a particular HYIP at different times.
HYIP Pros get their original spend back as fast as possible, i.e. they set the compounding option to 0% until they return back their initial investment, then after, start compounding depending on the status of the HYIP. They usually withdraw 50% of their profit by setting the compounding option to 50% after they return back their initial investment. And they watch for red flag for a particular HYIP, if they come across these red flags, they keep on withdrawing by setting the compounding option to 0%.

8. HYIP Pros are always watching for red Flags

HYIP Pros are always involved looking beyond the obvious, they act like a watchdog. They watch for important information about particular HYIP indications of potential problems or red flags, clues that a HYIP may be heading for trouble.
They know what a healthy HYIP looks like, how Ponzi’s look like, how they behave and what tricks HYIP scammers use to cheat investors.

9. HYIP Pros are ready to lose

HYIP Pros understand that high yield investment programs are risky. Therefore, they are always ready to accept any lose. But, they learn from their mistakes.

10. HYIP Pros Work Consistently

To achieve their goals, HYIP Pros have self-discipline to work every day with all the energy they possess. They consistently work to get a consistent result. Secret of their success is discipline.

11. HYIP Pros Never Quit

HYIP Pros never quit. They know that HYIPs always caries risk and they are constantly working to avoid these risks. When things go wrong, they don’t give up; they Keep on working hard and consistently and finally succeed. They know there is no magic bullet that will make them rich overnight without much effort. They are always patient to see the result

Compounding vs. Non-compounding

In this article I discuss two possible opportunities of high yield investment programs in the Internet and their advantages as well as disadvantages. I hope that the article helps readers to decide what program is more suitable for them. What high yield program is the best and prosperous is the most important issue of this article.

As mentioned already, there are two forms of high interest projects in the Internet: compounding and non-compounding. Investors use compounding for generating new interests from previous investments. In other words, it is the ability of current investment value to generate new earnings which can be reinvested.

Moreover, investors have an opportunity to make a new investment using the paid out interests without their own money must be used for this project. For example, the process of only 10$ initial capital lasts a very long time until these $10 are again back (1% per day within 100 days) to open a further high yield investment program. However, if the investor invested his money in five such programs, he can get return on investment only within 20 days. Non-compounding programs are ideal for the people who are ready to invest serious money.

Investors have an opportunity to invest their money and the interests become the first investment (principal capital) automatically which is added daily, weekly or monthly. Thus a compound interest effect develops. A compound investment costs little work because investors check their accounts only in fixed time intervals and note the increased account balance. It is advisable to save money also with little initial investments. It is a great high yield investment opportunity for investors who do not have large initial capital for investment.

Certainly, it is not easy to understand without a good example. For example, you invested $1,000 into a particular HYIP that pays 30% monthly interest (in other words, 1% per day). The shares rise 30% during the first month. Your investment is now worth $1,300. In the second month, the shares appreciate another 30%. Therefore, your $1,300 grows to $1,690. In the third month, the shares rises 30%, your capital will be $2,197.

If you check the rate of growth monthly, the growth rate increases regularly, namely in the first month growth is $300, in the second month is $390, and in the third month is $507 etc. You understand now that the numbers can start to get very big as your previous earnings start to provide returns. In fact, $1,000 invested at 30% monthly for one year would grow to nearly $23,300.00 (and that is without adding any money to the investment).

Non-compounding is another prosperous investment opportunity in HYIP. It is programs which pay out daily, weekly or monthly. They are suitable for the persons who would like to have money for life regularly because it is possible to get return on investment on the indicated E-gold account (or another E-currency) daily and weekly as well as monthly.

We see that both programs can be very “fruitful” for a business involved in a real investment opportunity. Moreover, compounding and non-compounding are able to produce extremely good result. However, investors should be careful on how to use compounding and non-compounding in HYIPs because both investment opportunities have high risk and can fail any time.

There is no doubt that one of the greatest problems in HYIP is that it is impossible to predict the life span of a particular HYIP. Thus, it is important to take a mechanism to make your investment safe. One way of doing this and reduce enormous risk in high yield investment projects is to properly use different compounding options.

For this there are also investment programs which have the factors of compounding and non-compounding. It is possible to get return on investment in the Member Area and save some money on the account. These programs are very practical for those who would like to decide daily what to do.

Also the own investment strategy is simpler and more sure if investors can obtain the initial deposited capital faster so that they can invest in further HYIPs without high risk (in other words, without their own capital funds).

I can prove the advantages on the example. So you invested $1,000 into a particular HYIP that pays 30% monthly interest. As said above, with 100% compounding there is a great possibility that $1,000 invested at 30% monthly for one year would grow to nearly $23,300.00. But what would happen if the HYIP fails in 6 months? You lose all your hard earned money very quickly. For that reason, it is important to use compounding and non-compounding together in HYIPs.

It is always recommended to get your original spend back as fast as possible, in other words set the compounding option to 0% until you return back your initial investment, then after, you can compound your shares while withdrawing 50% of your profit by setting the compounding option to 50% . Why 50%, can you ask me? Certainly, this is not a strict rule; it is the recommendations based on some experienced HYIP investors. But you have to be careful with this.

The best advantage of such programs is that investors save their money on the account during the first month (compounding) and next month they get interests (non-compounding method). In this way investors get their invested capital back, besides investment yields grow more slowly further. If such a program fails once, investors will lose nothing and yields will paid out too

11 steps for your next hyip playing success

In the beginning, people look for the hyip playing as a fast and easy source for the coarse wealth. But when look at changes as a normal result after the loss, and the question remains without answer which is how the profit was managed of the hyip game? But some may have found the answer after loss a lot of money for long time.

How the profit was managed of the hyip game? You could be sure of your success if you have the ability to understand and follow some successful steps.

Step 1 – choose suitable plans and strategies for you and practice on it for three months at least. Many hyip players test new strategy periodical even if they have a good hyip playing plans and strategies which make profits. This is a big mistake and they will know that by the hard way. Most of hyip playing plans and strategies are successful but to make profits with it will need to understand it carefully and try it for long time to test influence of the different hyip world factors on your plans and strategies.

Step 2 – choose a trusted high yield investment program who is suitable for your needs. The accuracy and the quickness in the program execution, how can deposit, how fast to withdraw your money as well as their support availability.

Step 3 – calculate your initial capital. Many hyip admins or hyip owners offer low initial deposit to start hyip playing at once. Do you know why? Because most probably you are going to loss it at once. And they gain your money easily. So the capital calculation is an important step as many hyip playing operations are lost before divert to the profit as return to two causes which are a wrong entering hyip point selection, and unpredictable hyip world events against your hyip analysis.

Step 4 – keep away of your emotions. Only you can trust in your hyip playing plans and strategies and what say to you by this method your money become save and profitable.

Step 5 – accept responsibility. Forget all the huge banners, spam emails and hyip admins that say they will make you rich because they will not. You are on your own and need to accept responsibility for your actions. You need to get the right knowledge and experience.

Step 6 – do not think that the more you play the more you make. Fast is the big high odds games do not come around very often and you need to wait and choose them wisely. You do not get rewarded for playing often, you get rewarded for being at the right entering and exiting hyip point with the right hyip, and that’s it.

Step 7 – Your risk is not your target profit minus your exit hyip point. No it is not. That’s in your head and your opinion and nothing more. Most players do this and most lose as there is no correlation between those two.

Step 8 – hyip playing is easy. Easy to learn yes, anyone can do it but most lose. This is because hyip playing is a unique combination of method and the right mindset to accept responsibility, have confidence in it and play with discipline.

Step 9 – you can’t follow someone else to success. Just as in other ventures in life you can’t. If a person is telling he can make you rich, with no effort, chances are he is not telling the truth. In hyip playing, you have to accept responsibility, and you are on your own.

Step 10 – a simple hyip playing plans and strategies. That’s all you need and they work better than complicated and confusing ones, as they are easy to understand, apply and have fewer mistakes to unintentionally make.

Step 11 – accept risk cheerfully. If you do not like taking risks, forget the hyip world. It is risky and the difference between success and failure is knowing when to risk and how big to risk. Many players try to avoid risk so much that they actually create it by having their exit hyip point too soon and guarantee themselves a loss. Sure they have a small lose but their guaranteed to be wiped out.

Now here is perhaps the most important point. Keep practicing. Think about it, many people go to school (college, university, or take specialty courses) to learn how to be proficient for their jobs. You would agree that doctors, lawyers, and other professionals make good money, but they would not if they were not trained for their careers. Sure they paid dearly for their fees, but the investment of their training and knowledge became returned upon graduating. Many make handsome income now.

But remember, always minimize our lost when you practicing as low as possible. Take it as a way to gain invaluable experience and as an investment towards your future wins in hyip playing. And remember the saying; practice makes perfect. And also another saying; give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, but teach him how to fish and you feed him for life. So, go learn to ‘fish’ and you will be well fed for life.

How to choose reliable hyips

It is important to choose a hyip you can trust because your hard earned money is involved. So, to prevent yourself from unnecessary fraud and scams, it is important that you check out your hyip before dumping in any serious money into it.

There are many hyips who claim they can help you ‘trade’ your money and help you make lucrative and high income in the hyip world. Many of them claim to be expert traders in foreign exchange, commodities, stocks, and many more, but in reality, they are an average joe just like you who do not know anything or have any experience in trading.

Here are some simple and basic tips to help you avoid fraud and scam hyips:

Review – try searching online for reviews on the particular hyip you plan to join. You can find hyip reviews on hyip bulletins, hyip portals, or hyip blogs. If the hyip that you are interested in could be reliable (at least will not run away before completing even one cycle), chances are other people will give good feed back about them. But bear in mind, if the person writes a review of a hyip which also his advertiser, you can’t rely on that review as it may provide you with misleading information.

Customer support – If something goes wrong for some reason and getting support is almost impossible, you do not want to wait too long because that could mean the difference a profit or a loss. Make sure you always be able to reach support whenever you need regardless via email, phone, or even instant messenger.

Testimonials and feed back – Search for feed back and find out what other players are saying about this hyip. You can find them on hyip related public forums and players’ voted on the monitors. If possible, try contacting some of the players that’s given testimonies to verify that these are real testimonials. Anyone can put fake feed back on a website about how wonderful the hyip is especially from those fake forum posters and monitor voters hired by the scam hyip admins or hyip owners.

Security – Your privacy and the security of personal data should be your first priority because your playing will be done via online. To prevent your private data from being stolen always make sure the hyip has at least a genuine SSL certificate.

Hyip background – You should always check the hyip background to make sure they are easy to contact, and to check whether the former scam hyip admin comes back or the same scammer is running multiple scam hyips.

Test spend plan – Most hyips offer a test spend plan that you can try out until you are ready to make larger deposits. This is an important step to take until you are sure you know what you are doing. When you are ready to make more deposits, make sure that your maximum deposit is within your budget.

You should treat a test spend plan as a way to learn and gain experience on how to play in the hyip world and that’s it. They will not indicate if you can win at hyip playing or not as there is no pressure as only small amount of money is at stake. Therefore, never assume if you win with a test spend plan, you will win with big amount on other types of hyip plans.

Multiple deposits – Most hyips allow you to make multiple or as many deposits as you want into any of hyip plan that he offers, and players are tempted to try them all, less control their account and when even a small problem arises within the hyip could wipe them out. The fact is new players are losing control quite easily, and they are guaranteed to lose. You should not use it all, as less control means more risk. Deposit into one plan per hyip is enough for all of your chosen hyips in your portfolio.

Small initial deposit – Most hyip admins or hyip owners will take just $5 and this is the equivalent of flipping a coin. Normal changes in the hyip cycle will wipe this out quickly. Therefore, you should have a cash reserve.

Hyip research – Well hyip admins or hyip owners is not going to help you win, but at least you can determine the potential scammer in advance and many of the critical information to help you play you can find online for free.

Your hyip game is on scammers’ books and when you lose they win. 95% of players lose, so that’s a lot of money they can make. It is up to you to get in the winning 5% and that means being sensible with control, your initial deposit, and standing on your own two feet, with your own hyip playing plans and strategies.