Monday, May 26, 2008

Build solid and strong team

When do you want to form solid and strong team, you best concentrate on matters most determine performance success team. You must get the picture who is your self in team and where your position in this time at team. you must can configuring your self be a worker team reliable and professional. comprehend about how do you do recruitmen, comprehend also about character and member quality team like what you require, organization team like what want you get up, work result likes what you intended from members team, what compensation will you pass to member team, how do you build and watch over a system and reliable supervision procedure, work culture team like what you want, hope will like what you will inculcate at idea members team. everything that must you comprehend above that functioned as a means of help in composed fondasi team strong and solid.
after you get definitive answer on questions above, you can form team strong work and solid. and furthermore, you live to act consistently in every your steps to builds team work solid and steady.
you must realize that a team be formed to produce performance better from in that performance be done individually. team formed to work according to group with individual quality reliable. team formed to interdependent.
every member team must at motivation so that they come along has job and the work unit, they also must be trained to has strong commitment towards target that wants achieved. every member team must be aimed to has which are positive contribution towards organization success team, by optimize talent and their erudition is in achieves principal aim team.
every member team obligated to work in atmosphere mutual believe, and given motivation to unfold their ideas sparkle without have cold feet.
every member team obligatory run opened communication honest to everyone in team. each member team must try to realize member viewpoint team another openly and professional.
leadership team must motivating every member team, so that they are diligent and tough in develop know-how and apply the result in job.
leadership team obligatory give inspiration and obligatory members gets support from leader.
every member must be disenchanted that conflict be natural situation that in connection between man, but conflict may not over do, and existing difference must be seen as chance to develop idea and new creativity. every obligatory conflict is finished swiftly and constructive, and members must participate mobile in decision making that influence work team. but, members must realize that their leader has full responsibility to make decision finals, when team not achieve agreement, or when happen emergency situation. the aim get which are positive result, not merely confirmation.
a team formed by merger individual to realize and has perception same in achieve one aim. member - member that merge into a team must has point of view, mission, and struggle values that want achieved. participation and agreement between individual with leadership team be principal condition for successful.
team effective only can be built if (there are) any agreement between member to mutual respect, listen, and run decision that taken seriously and sincere. there is no sentence? impossible? make member team. accept new ideas to bereksperimen. to trust solution and build confidence. don't let tradition or habit paralyses your ideas. think and improve work quality team continuously. practise to ask and hear. don't evaluate your self too low. use words menjanji victory, hope, happiness, delight. extend point of view, see what may be, not only what there. look at your job bigly and think that your job this time important. your attention focus is in principal aim team. before involved in unimportant problem, ask, ? does this genuinely important? ? . don't be shy because individual appearance. don't be afraid lose. don't fear of failure. don't be afraid not can. don't be afraid make error. stop to postpone everything, negative language use, planless work habit, talk about member ugliness team, doesn't think positive. has commitment for loyal and bound in team, to goal-striving team, to increase productivity in ownself, team work, and profession.
member and leadership team successfulest them continual learn. they are regularly develop self with assortedly erudition and new know-how, so that can work professional.

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