Monday, May 26, 2008


Always there question about why must organization must build a team strong?
i believe us all unanimous that a team solid built to make easy completion a job not may be done according to personal, and definitive pass work team must produce performance better than that job when be done according to personal with lower performance.
manner effectiveest in build team reliable and solid by merger individual - individual with appropriate character with organization point of view, to slurr with organization perception according to intact in achieve principal aim.
member - member that merge into a team must has point of view, mission, and value - struggle value that want achieved with. participation and cooperation between individual with leadership team be principal condition in success team.
individual work self-supportingly, individual as leader coordinate wholeness and strength team.
you may not let your member act like payment energy, only work if commanded, work without initiative, afraid take outside opinion, afraid be responsible, doesn't slurr, and doesn't come along in decision making.
you must make team you are interdependent, felt to come along has job, concentrate in organization success, work mutual believe and take outside idea, communicating openly to realize individual opinion other, all individual develop competence have a certain quality tall, everybody slurr and develop idea, everybody involved in course of decision making.
don't beglect character team, for that ascertain you have gatherred at least several individual character types that must be strength kernel team, among others a with character as inspirator skilled that can to develop brainchild - new brainchild and fresh in find matter - new matter better. designer character, that is somebody that can calculate and projected all needs team truely and zero in on. solution search character, that is somebody that has talent to do negotiation towards all problems makes organization profit. executor character, that is somebody that want to strive productively, efficient, and effective to produce best performance. caretaker character, that is somebody always can to be motivator to watch over harmony and harmony team. supervisor character, that is somebody that can to do evaluation inwroughtly to avoid matter - matter doesn't beneficial organization. all the character minimal need in makes a team work effectively and solid. when is there character less in team, so performance team certain disturbed.
before you build a team solid, you must concentrate and focus in rumors most determine your organization success, that is recruite member with character and appropriate competence for point of view team.
formation process team must pass stage by stage that planned perfectly, begin from technics rekrutmen, character need, magnitude team, desirable result, compensation that be given to member, and come up with system, culture, and wisdom team according to intact.
team effective only can be built if there agreement between member to mutual respect, listen, and run decision that taken effectively. accept idea - new idea to enriches insight and erudition. don't let worn out tradition botches harmony team. lati team according to then - continusly to increase work quality. use word - word that aim all members aims victory, hope, happiness, delight, and success. extend point of view, see what may be, not only in what there are. look at all tasks team as primal task. attention focus in existence aim team. has commitment with to slurr and bound in team according to intact.

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